Wood Chip Pricing & Availability

Orcas Biomass processes wood chips from logs, branches, shrubs, and other unwanted woody debris from Rain Shadow Consulting jobs using one of our Bandit Chippers and our Bandit Horizontal Grinder. Because we chip and grind as material is available, we do not always have pure alder, fir, or cedar chips available immediately, but can typically produce them within a week or two when requested. 


Chips are available for delivery or pick-up at our shop at 3456 Orcas Rd. See below for delivery rates based on location. Pick-ups and deliveries are typically scheduled on Fridays, but we can often schedule pick-ups on other days with advance notice. We can also bring a chipper or grinder to you; please contact us for details.

  • Mulch chips
    Mulch chips $59/yard

    Mixed species chips with good ratios of twigs, bark, stem, and leaf material. Partially composted and run through our grinder. Our most popular mulch product.

  • Double-grind premium mulch and biochar blend
    Double-grind premium mulch and biochar blend $120/yard

    20% biochar blended with mulch chips and reprocessed in our grinder for a nice, consistent, premium mulch product. Biochar adds carbon to soil, boosts nutrient capacity, & reduces emissions. An amazing product -- supplies limited!

  • Pure alder chips
    Pure alder chips $75/yard

    Gardeners know the benefits of composted alder chips. Includes woody and leaf material. 100% alder. Limited supply.

  • Pure log-grade fir chips
    Pure log-grade fir chips $65/yard

    Clean, pure Douglas-fir log chips make a durable pathway or playground dressing.

  • Pure log-grade cedar chips
    Pure log-grade cedar chips $79/yard

    Clean, pure cedar log chips will outlast any other chip and are great for suppressing weeds or dressing pathways.

Delivery Map

Wood chip delivery is available in Zone 1 (green) for $90 and in Zone 2 (blue) for $110. We can deliver up to 10 yards per delivery.


Zone 1 includes Eastsound, West Beach, Deer Harbor Road up to Cormorant Bay Road, West Sound, Eastman Road, Orcas Road towards the ferry up to Laporte Road, Dolphin Bay north up to Lotte’s Landing, and Olga Road up to Highland Drive. Zone 2 includes all other areas on Orcas.